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It took quite a few trips, but I managed to haul everything back to the Bronx in my mini (except for the patio furniture which I couldn’t fit). That car is a workhorse but not a very big horse. To my surprise, I didn’t have too much trouble finding room for everything. We didn’t have a whole lot to begin with plus our house was already a mashup of modern pieces and antiques.

I painted the record cabinet and two smaller cabinets that I ended up taking. The smaller cabinets got a few coats of warm grey (if you’ve seen any of my recent work, you’ll see that this is my current favorite color) and for some unknown reason, I painted the record cabinet a bright teal. A regretful choice. The mid century end tables were perfect just the way they were and now live in my dining room. Lots of the other stuff like the tattered jewelry boxes and tins, the hat box and the clock are displayed and Aunt Marian’s well-loved cast iron pans are now well-loved by me.

am_cabinet_06 am_hat_box_05 am_telephone_table_03

When I started sorting through all the rusty objects from the garage, I realized that I wanted to pay tribute to my grandfather and great grandfather and use the pieces in my work. I had a lot of rings left over from the construction of my Industrial Vessels and decided to make some small mixed media sculptures. I painted each porcelain ring either white, gold, copper or black, then paired them with the rusty objects.

sculpture11 sculpture10 sculptures3 sculptures_41 sculpture_shelf_52
I love the way the sleek, handmade rings play against the old pieces. I also like that the assemblages can be changed on a whim since they’re made up of individual parts. Initially I thought this was just a personal project but now I’m looking forward to exploring the idea further. For now, the little assemblages live all over my house. That makes me happy.


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Catching Up

Happy New Year! Yes, I’m a little behind. Let’s do some catching up.

December turned out to be a very busy month for me. I started out by designing new postcards and web banners for my online shop and blog. It took a while (my graphic design skills were a little rusty), but I finally came up with a look that I’m really happy with.


Then I had the privilege of attending  Art Basel and Design Miami. There was so much to see – it was a bit overwhelming.  We weren’t suppose to take photographs, but I managed to sneak in a few. Below are a few of my favorite pieces.

Michael Geertsen

vessel3 vessel1
Takuro Kuwata

Markus Linnenbrink

Richard Pettibone

We had an amazing dinner at db modern in downtown Miami. I had pumpkin ravioli with truffles and lobster. TRUFFLES AND LOBSTER! Not my typical Thursday night meal. Probably one of the best dishes I’ve ever had.


Miami was great, but I was eager to get back into the studio where I had a custom mug order to finish for a long-time client. Not the best picture but hopefully you get the general idea. The creamy white porcelain shows through a glossy clear glaze and white pebbles float up from the bottom. I wish I had taken better photos, but I was eager to pack them up and ship them off so they could join a set of bowls and whirls in their new home.


I also started on some new work- striped vases in warm grey. The one on the right was gifted to some very special friends and the one on the left is available in my shop. I’m looking forward to making more.

striped vases

And of course there was lots of packing and many trips to the post office, followed by a flurry of holiday activities. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things and get working on some new pieces. Cheers to 2014!


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bowls2 bowls
A custom bowl order.

Vases in Steel Grey.

New Groove Vases.




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I’ve shown these pieces on my website and shared some of them on Instagram and Facebook, but never talked about the inspiration behind them.

Each piece is based on the gestures, movements and mannerisms of people – a tilt of the head, a subtle hand gesture (not that kind of hand gesture), a facial expression or the way one leans into another person during a conversation. I wanted the pieces to have a dynamic stance and engage with the space around them. Each piece can stand alone while some work well in a group – just like people. I’m working on a few more and hope to share them soon.

white_blue_vessel white_green_vessel white_vessel_17 white_vessel2 conversation_white_eggchair white_vessel4 white_vessel3 white_vessel_group

So, what do you think? Can you see it?

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Art Fix

While I was in Taipei, I had the opportunity to visit the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the first modern art museum in Taiwan. Though we went primarily to see their collection, the building itself was really quite beautiful.

I was really pleased that we got to catch their current exhibition, Trans-Cool Tokyo: Contemporary Japanese Art from MOT Collection. It features the work of 18 contemporary Japanese artists and explores “the relationship between art, pop culture and everyday life”.

Kohei Nawa, PixCell-Deer#17, 2008-9
Stuffed animal, glassbeads

Haruka Kojin, reflectwo, 2006
This is a 3-d installation made up of artificial flowers. Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice.

Takashi Murakami, Flower, 2006
Silkscreen and platinum foil

I was fortunate enough to hear Takachi Murakami give a hilarious yet gracious speach at the Pratt Institute Legends gala where he was honored in 2008. I received two of his flower cushions at the the event and they now live happily on a chair in my livingroom.

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