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We enjoyed a much-needed quiet and relaxing day yesterday. A walk in the park, the Arrested Development marathon (heyyyyyy brother), a tasty meal plus some dancing in the kitchen made for a pretty great day. I cooked, the professor cleaned and Maddy supervised. All was right with the world.

And that brings us to today, the day for steals and deals, Black Friday. While I avoid the mall and big box stores like the plague- especially on holiday weekends- I do love a good sale. So, in an attempt to save you from the craziness this weekend, I’m having a sale in my shop. Avoid the crowds and suport handmade. Trust me, it’s a win win situation. You can thank me later.


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I use to think that saying that I favored one of my designs over all of the others sounded as bad as saying that I had a favorite child. I had to remind myself that even though I have an emotional (unnatural, perhaps?) attachment to everything I make, my pieces are not living, breathing creatures. Sorry Sweet Peas, that goes for you too. So I’m just going to say it- the Whirl Serving Dish is my favorite.

Other than my husband and loved ones (especially including my dog) there is nothing as important to me as my work. And because there is no design that I have thought about and agonized over more, the Whirl holds a special place in my heart. At the time, it seemed like the idea for the design just tumbled out of nowhere. One minute I was playing around, cutting up some bowls that I had thrown and then BOOM! I saw how this simple bowl could become a new form. I thought, “I’ll just make a couple of adjustments and it’ll be great. Shouldn’t be too hard to make”. Ha! What a naive little potter I was.

Imagining the form was the easy part. Actually making what I envisioned as perfectly as I imagined turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Keeping the lines fluid and seamless on what was essentially a surgically altered porcelain “skin” at times seemed impossible. The lines within the piece where what made the design visually dynamic and interesting and I knew that any ornamentation including a heavy glaze would take away from that. So I had the bright idea that the Whirl would only have a clear glaze. That meant that even the slightest imperfections along the seams would be visible. Fabulous. Thankfully after a lot of trial and error and more error, frustration and swearing I developed a technique that works pretty well.*

Now the Whirl has become my favorite thing to make. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on some new incarnations, using the same general technique, but focusing on the idea of functional sculpture. I’m excited to push it even further, but I wanted to share a two of my favorites that just came out of the kiln. Each will be available in my shops this week.

* Sorry, I’m not going to tell you what that technique is. A girl has to have her secrets.

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1. Busy.
2. Handles. And more handles. And still more handles.
3. New pieces in the shop.
4. Squirrel guard.
5. My favorites from my favorite.
6. One of the best things about August.

Hope your lately has been treating you well.

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Please join me!

The market runs both Saturday and Sunday, but I will be there on

December 18 from 11-5
Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market
Littlefield Performance and Art Space, booth #15
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY

Can’t wait to see you!

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Hey – just for today – 20-50% off selected items in my etsy and big cartel shops .

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As an artist and designer, I’m most definitely a visual person. But I think what drew me to clay was the physical act of throwing–the feeling of the clay between my hands and the tactile and rhythmic process that goes into forming a vessel.

In the past few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in eliciting a similar sensory response from those who encounter my finished pieces. Holding my wares should evoke an immediate tactile sensation for the holder, just as I experienced as the maker.

Enter the slip designs. Tiny raised dots of liquid clay thoughtfully placed both randomly and patterned that can trigger an immediate response when touched.

Pebble Bowls

And now, from my hands to yours, there’s Groove—my new line of functional porcelain bowls, mugs, cups, and vases. Nicely balanced with a soft, linear texture that makes the vessels a pleasure to touch and use. The exaggerated lines lend a rhythm to the vessels and, along with the naked, unglazed surface give the pieces that wonderful, tactile quality that I’m always striving for.

All of the vessels are available in a variety of new colors including glossy white, olive green, mint green, cranberry and light blue.

Whiskey Cups in Olive Green. Of course they can also be used for tea or juice, but a nice single malt definitely deserves a special cup.

Serving Bowl in White on White. This is a nice, big multipurpose bowl.

Small Bowls in Cranberry. I don’t think I can ever have too many small bowls. These are shown in my new cranberry glaze.

Mug in Mint Green. Hands down, my favorite mug of any that I’ve made. So far.

Soup Bowls in White and Mint Green. They’re a good size for cereal too. Or ice cream if you’re of the variety who actually takes it out of the carton to eat.

More to come as things make their way out of the kiln and into my shops.

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2010 Holiday Ornaments

I’m introducing two new ornaments designs this year. First, a glossy white porcelain snowflake accented with my signature slip designs in light blue or aqua.

Also glossy white and red porcelain ornaments hand stamped with the traditional holiday words- peace, hope, love and joy (not pictured). I’ve also included a humbug because, lets be honest, you can’t be jolly all the time.

And of course, the ever popular Whirl ornaments are returning this year. The snowflakes and Whirls are available now in my Etsy shop and the hand stamped ornaments will be listed tomorrow.

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