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Colorblock bowls

Pebble Vases

Low Groove Bowl

Glazing Day

New Industrial Vessel

Mug shapes for a custom order

Set up for a photo shoot

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Vases in Steel Grey


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In my Etsy shop.

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I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop! Lots of first quality pieces on sale now through Sunday, January 6th.



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I recently heard a songwriter say something like “I finally realized that I could make records that I wanted to listen to”. Wow. Simple, right? For some reason it hit me like a hard pillow in the face. Take some time to make whatever I want…really? It was a long overdue reminder. Not that I don’t like making for other people- I love it. But when I don’t take a little time to just go with whatever, I get cranky and uninspired.

That’s the abbreviated version as to how I finally got back to working on the series of architecturally inspired pieces that I started in 2009- almost THREE YEARS AGO! I finished off a slew of special orders and have since been indulging myself in making, glaze testing and documenting. I’ve let stacks and stacks of circular rings take over the studio and my brain. Throwing, cutting, sorting, building. It’s incredibly rhythmic and meditative and I love it.

Last month I shared some of the new pieces from my Industrial Series. Below are a few new ones plus some pics of the process. Sorry, no pics of the actual throwing part. I get way too dirty to touch a camera.

Drying slowly and hoping that I don’t break any before they get a chance to be fired. That may have happened a few times, but I’m trying not to dwell on it. Here, look- I didn’t break these!

Totally diggin’ this new glaze. It’s incredibly difficult to work with, but when the stars align just right, you get this beautiful variegated finish. It pinholes a bit (which would normally drive me nuts), but I actually don’t mind because they seem to work with the glaze.

Red and glossy white.

Another new glaze that I’m really happy with. It’s a mottled yellow with a gorgeous matte finish. This vase is actually available here.

Glossy white and midnight blue. Love this blue. In-person it has a beautiful sheen to it that unfortunately doesn’t come across in the photos.

Grey and Midnight Blue.

BTW- I’m totally addicted to Instagram and have been sharing a lot of this process there. If you’re interested, you can find me at kim_westad. Now back to my circles.

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They’re here! Previously available through special order only, I am now stocking planters modeled after my favorite little characters, the Sweet Peas. Each will come with a catch plate and have a bottom drainage hole, so there’s no need to worry about drowning plants (something I know more about than I should). I currently have 3 available and each will be making their way into my Etsy shop.

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We enjoyed a much-needed quiet and relaxing day yesterday. A walk in the park, the Arrested Development marathon (heyyyyyy brother), a tasty meal plus some dancing in the kitchen made for a pretty great day. I cooked, the professor cleaned and Maddy supervised. All was right with the world.

And that brings us to today, the day for steals and deals, Black Friday. While I avoid the mall and big box stores like the plague- especially on holiday weekends- I do love a good sale. So, in an attempt to save you from the craziness this weekend, I’m having a sale in my shop. Avoid the crowds and suport handmade. Trust me, it’s a win win situation. You can thank me later.

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