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Last night I dreamt that I was riding in the passenger side of a yellow car and Freud was levitating vampire-style outside my window. Crazy, right? I seem to have a propensity for anxiety-induced nightmares, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I’ve never had the one where I go to class naked, though I do show up to take a final exam in a class I’ve never been to. Or, I revert back to the job I had in college when I stacked cookies for Nabisco. I build an entire end display of oreos only to have the whole thing topple to the ground. So many crumbs. No wonder I wake up tired.

On Monday morning, I mentioned on facebook and twitter that I had ceramist-style anxiety dream- one where I opened my kiln and found that all of the elements had popped out and were bouncing around like broken slinkies. Unfortunately this dream made total sense. In real life, I ran the kiln knowing that the elements should have been replaced at least 3 firings ago (elements are the coils that conduct heat in an electric kiln- a lot like the coils in a pop-up toaster, only bigger). I didn’t want to take the time to replace them (more like have the professor do it), so I just kept telling myself that they would be fine for just one. more. firing. I know, I also shock myself with my logic.

When the kiln finally clicked off, I noticed that the firing lasted 3 hours longer than it should have. Fantastic. And since it needed to cool before I could open it, I wouldn’t know if there were any casualties for at least 24 agonizingly long hours. There were a few pieces in there that I absolutely needed to complete an order as well as a few new pieces that I spent a boat load of time making. Cue nighttime freak-out.

The kiln was finally cool enough to open on Monday morning. I lifted the lid ever so slightly, convinced that the elements were just waiting to bust out and attack me, all the while cursing myself for not doing proper maintenance. I took a peek inside, then lifted the lid all the way. No broken slinkies and the cones looked sufficiently slumped. I couldn’t believe it. And the craziest part? Every single piece came out flawless- something that almost never happens. Score one for the procrastinator! No, no, no. I’m going with the idea that I’ve used up all my good fortune and ordering new elements this week. Lesson learned.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Large Circle Serving Bowl in Orange

Tall Pebble Vase in White

Large Round Pebble Vase in Red

Large Round Pebble Vase in Aqua

On a side note, I just joined Pinterest and now realize how easy it is to lose an entire afternoon. If that sounds like something you might be interested in (NSFW), feel free to check out my boards.


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