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I’ve shown these pieces on my website and shared some of them on Instagram and Facebook, but never talked about the inspiration behind them.

Each piece is based on the gestures, movements and mannerisms of people – a tilt of the head, a subtle hand gesture (not that kind of hand gesture), a facial expression or the way one leans into another person during a conversation. I wanted the pieces to have a dynamic stance and engage with the space around them. Each piece can stand alone while some work well in a group – just like people. I’m working on a few more and hope to share them soon.

white_blue_vessel white_green_vessel white_vessel_17 white_vessel2 conversation_white_eggchair white_vessel4 white_vessel3 white_vessel_group

So, what do you think? Can you see it?


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studio_05 studio_03 studio_02 studio_01

Friday in the studio. Happy weekend all.

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Thrown, dismantled, rethought and assembled. New Industrial Vases:

and an Egg Chair Vessel in Sapphire Blue:


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I get a lot of special requests. When it’s something straightforward like glazing a mug in a different color or remaking a sold item, I’m usually happy to oblige. There’s also the occasional inquiry where I’m asked to reproduce someone else’s work (sadly, there are people that do that) or to change one of my designs. Once someone wanted me to redesign the Whirl Serving Dish so it could function as a yarn bowl (what?). Things like that get politely declined. Other requests are pretty out there, but that’s a post for another day.

I think the one thing that I’ve been asked for more than anything else is a Pebble cup with a handle. It’s a completely valid question- “can you just stick a handle on that”? Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it sounds, so I’ve always declined. The curved silhouette of the original design is intended to nestle right into the hand. Adding a handle to that silhouette would look awkward feel clunky. I’ve made some small adjustments to the shape  and have come up with a handled version that I’m pretty happy with. May I present to you, the Pebble Mug:

It’s a little shorter than the original cup which changes the silhouette, allowing the proportions to work with the handle. It also feels nice and balanced- something I strive for with all my mugs.

Happy weekend ♥

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Last night I dreamt that I was riding in the passenger side of a yellow car and Freud was levitating vampire-style outside my window. Crazy, right? I seem to have a propensity for anxiety-induced nightmares, so I’ll chalk it up to that. I’ve never had the one where I go to class naked, though I do show up to take a final exam in a class I’ve never been to. Or, I revert back to the job I had in college when I stacked cookies for Nabisco. I build an entire end display of oreos only to have the whole thing topple to the ground. So many crumbs. No wonder I wake up tired.

On Monday morning, I mentioned on facebook and twitter that I had ceramist-style anxiety dream- one where I opened my kiln and found that all of the elements had popped out and were bouncing around like broken slinkies. Unfortunately this dream made total sense. In real life, I ran the kiln knowing that the elements should have been replaced at least 3 firings ago (elements are the coils that conduct heat in an electric kiln- a lot like the coils in a pop-up toaster, only bigger). I didn’t want to take the time to replace them (more like have the professor do it), so I just kept telling myself that they would be fine for just one. more. firing. I know, I also shock myself with my logic.

When the kiln finally clicked off, I noticed that the firing lasted 3 hours longer than it should have. Fantastic. And since it needed to cool before I could open it, I wouldn’t know if there were any casualties for at least 24 agonizingly long hours. There were a few pieces in there that I absolutely needed to complete an order as well as a few new pieces that I spent a boat load of time making. Cue nighttime freak-out.

The kiln was finally cool enough to open on Monday morning. I lifted the lid ever so slightly, convinced that the elements were just waiting to bust out and attack me, all the while cursing myself for not doing proper maintenance. I took a peek inside, then lifted the lid all the way. No broken slinkies and the cones looked sufficiently slumped. I couldn’t believe it. And the craziest part? Every single piece came out flawless- something that almost never happens. Score one for the procrastinator! No, no, no. I’m going with the idea that I’ve used up all my good fortune and ordering new elements this week. Lesson learned.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Large Circle Serving Bowl in Orange

Tall Pebble Vase in White

Large Round Pebble Vase in Red

Large Round Pebble Vase in Aqua

On a side note, I just joined Pinterest and now realize how easy it is to lose an entire afternoon. If that sounds like something you might be interested in (NSFW), feel free to check out my boards.

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I’m excited to share that I’ve partnered with FAB! Sale starts Tuesday, January 10th at 11:00 am and will include limited quantities of my most popular designs.

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Last year, the professor and I decided that we wanted to get a potted Christmas tree that could serve it’s purpose during the holidays, live outside for the rest of the year, then come back in for Christmas 2011.

We ended up finding a sweet little tree that was just big enough for our space. The tag read “decorative houseplant perfect for windows, bright dining and living areas” so I thought it was exactly what we were looking for. When I got it home and read the care instructions however, I realized that this particular variety of evergreen could not tolerate temperatures below 45 degrees. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal since the tree was pretty small and looked more like a house plant than a tree anyway. So, the little tree stayed in the house until April (sans decorations) when he was moved outside to live for the summer.

Fast forward to mid-October when the temperatures were threatening to dip into the 40’s for the first time this season. Time for the little tree to come inside. Except now, the little tree had grown so much during the summer that it needed to be transplanted into a bigger pot. With a bit of swearing and swelling (apparently I have a skin sensitivity to evergreen needles. brilliant!), the now not-so-little-tree got repotted and moved into the studio.

Look at that nice big, WIDE tree! I never knew neglecting a potted plant could yield so much growth. Maybe if I had neglected my herb garden a little more, my empty ice cube trays would be full of basil pesto. What to do with this behemoth? It’s a high production time of year and I need every inch of studio space for work. Plus it’s pretty much a given that I will inevitably trip on it every time I pass by (hello swelling!). We ended up moving the monster into a tight corner of my diningroom where sadly, it no longer looks like a houseplant.

That’s where he’ll stay until after the holidays when I’ll have to figure out a more permanent solution. For now though, I plan to at least get some use out of him since it’s time for my 2011 Whirl ornaments to make their debut. The beast should at least earn his keep.

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