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Not that Mighty Wind- this mighty wind. One of my biggest concerns before the storm hit was getting my kiln fired before it had a chance to knock out the electricity. Newscasters in New York LOVE to hype weather (though I guess that happens everywhere) and I was a bit skeptical, but figured that I better not risk it. The end of last week was nuts, but I got the kiln loaded and fired Friday night and finished the firing before the power went out on Saturday. Thankfully it was a pretty successful firing. Here’s a small sample of what came out.

The mugs are California bound, the black vases will be living in upstate New York and the new Aqua Groove Vases will be available in my shop.

Fortunately the storm passed with minimal damage to our yard and the flooding stayed just shy of our back door. The worst destruction was caused by my own stupidity when the candle that I placed on the table melted 2 small holes in our Nelson Lamp. So very tragic. Next time, flashlights only.

The power didn’t come back on until late last night, so I spent most of my Sunday reading Bel Canto, a book that I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy but has completely captivated my attention. Hope everyone had a safe weekend and that those who were hit by the storm made it through safely.


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