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Friday in the studio. Happy weekend all.


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Thrown, dismantled, rethought and assembled. New Industrial Vases:

and an Egg Chair Vessel in Sapphire Blue:


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I get a lot of special requests. When it’s something straightforward like glazing a mug in a different color or remaking a sold item, I’m usually happy to oblige. There’s also the occasional inquiry where I’m asked to reproduce someone else’s work (sadly, there are people that do that) or to change one of my designs. Once someone wanted me to redesign the Whirl Serving Dish so it could function as a yarn bowl (what?). Things like that get politely declined. Other requests are pretty out there, but that’s a post for another day.

I think the one thing that I’ve been asked for more than anything else is a Pebble cup with a handle. It’s a completely valid question- “can you just stick a handle on that”? Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it sounds, so I’ve always declined. The curved silhouette of the original design is intended to nestle right into the hand. Adding a handle to that silhouette would look awkward feel clunky. I’ve made some small adjustments to the shape  and have come up with a handled version that I’m pretty happy with. May I present to you, the Pebble Mug:

It’s a little shorter than the original cup which changes the silhouette, allowing the proportions to work with the handle. It also feels nice and balanced- something I strive for with all my mugs.

Happy weekend ♥

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It’s been a busy few months around here. Unfortunately I didn’t document everything, so above is just a very small fraction of what I’ve recently thrown, glazed, fired, packed and shipped. A consistant flow of orders and special projects have kept me happily busy since last fall with the added bonus of making the month of January fly by. Nothing like hunkering down in the studio and coasting right through the coldest, darkest month of the year. And now, aside from finishing a few pieces for a shop in Virginia and unloading a few more special orders from the kiln, I’m ready to start tackling my slightly neglected to-do list.

I’ve started to organize my remaining inventory, deciding which designs and glazes I’ll keep and which ones I’ll retire. Sorry turquoise, it’s nothing personal. I’ve listed a few of the retirees in the sale section of my Etsy shop.

Small Pebble Vase in Turquoise

After months of non-stop making, I’ve collected a small batch of seconds- pieces that didn’t quite meet my standards for first quality, but were still too nice to smash. I’ve been going through those as well and have listed a few of the less-than-perfect little gems in my Etsy shop with more to come.

Curvy Vase with Blue Accent

Of course, not everything can escape the hammer so the rejects have been repurposed for stress relief.

Now I’ve got to deal with my desk and perform the torturous task of sifting through countless receipts, files and undoubtedly, another to-do list. Trust me, you really don’t need to see a picture of that.

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Not that Mighty Wind- this mighty wind. One of my biggest concerns before the storm hit was getting my kiln fired before it had a chance to knock out the electricity. Newscasters in New York LOVE to hype weather (though I guess that happens everywhere) and I was a bit skeptical, but figured that I better not risk it. The end of last week was nuts, but I got the kiln loaded and fired Friday night and finished the firing before the power went out on Saturday. Thankfully it was a pretty successful firing. Here’s a small sample of what came out.

The mugs are California bound, the black vases will be living in upstate New York and the new Aqua Groove Vases will be available in my shop.

Fortunately the storm passed with minimal damage to our yard and the flooding stayed just shy of our back door. The worst destruction was caused by my own stupidity when the candle that I placed on the table melted 2 small holes in our Nelson Lamp. So very tragic. Next time, flashlights only.

The power didn’t come back on until late last night, so I spent most of my Sunday reading Bel Canto, a book that I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy but has completely captivated my attention. Hope everyone had a safe weekend and that those who were hit by the storm made it through safely.

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1. Busy.
2. Handles. And more handles. And still more handles.
3. New pieces in the shop.
4. Squirrel guard.
5. My favorites from my favorite.
6. One of the best things about August.

Hope your lately has been treating you well.

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A few months ago, I had the incredible honor of spending an afternoon with one of my all time favorite designers, Eva Zeisel. I’m not sure why it’s taken so long for me to share this. Perhaps I needed time to process it all, knowing that even with time I probably would never be able to express how excited, nervous and awe struck I felt. I’ve been inspired by Eva’s work ever since I started working with clay and never imagined that I would have the opportunity to meet her, let alone spend an afternoon in her home.

She lives in a beautiful pre-war building on the upper west side of Manhattan, the same apartment that she first moved into when she came to this country in the late 30’s. We sat in her living room with a few sweets and one of her most recognizable tea sets, Hallcraft Tomorrow’s Classic, arranged on the table in front of us.

As suggested by her assistant, I brought some of my own work to show her. Though her site is failing, she meticulously inspected every curve with her hands, slowly running her fingers along the forms. I gave her a Little Whirl as a gift and have since learned that she uses it regularly. To say that I was floored by that would be the understatement of the century.

The majority of her extensive catalogue is kept at her upstate New York home, however a few of her most recognizable pieces can be found throughout the apartment. At 104, she continues to work and keeps a dedicated study where she had been designing a new chair.

I still think about our visit almost every day. Sometimes I still can’t believe that it happened. I’m so grateful that it did.

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